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Friday, May 31, 2013

I don't always receive cards from Brad's Blog...

But when I do they are pretty much awesome!

Benevolent Brad took the time to send a bubbler my way recently and wow did he hit my sweet spot.

 Some minis to start off the haul
 I love that Brewers Patch!
 The only Redus certified Auto that I'm aware of(other than a Leaf generic cut).  There is a /200 version of which I have 7, a /50, a /25, a /5, and I believe a 1/1.  Which one did Brad lay on me?

Brad, thanks for a great haul!  May the cardboard birds of paradise drop Phillies on your door step very soon!


  1. I collected the 2009 Obak set and I went back to see if I had a Gary Redus auto for you. I only found a base card, which I sent your way a while ago. Much to my surprise, I found an Anthony Rizzo auto though! In 2009 he was just a Red Sox minor leaguer and I didn't think much of the card. That was an awesome discovery for this Cubs fan, and I have you and your Redus collection to thank for me rediscovering it!

    All hail the powers of Gary Redus!

  2. The most interesting blog in the world! haha thanks for the kind words