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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Take my junk-10 for Trade on this Saturday

Completed a trade with Chris over on CCW and came out with some bait.  See anything ya like?  Let's do a blind trade!  Just leave a comment and we will go from there!

 96 Leaf Signatures of Kevin Ritz-Rocks and Chad Kreuter-Sox
 Oliver Perez-Bucs-087/350
 Shaver Hansen Manupatch Auto 026/124
 Tomko Reds Donruss Signature Series
 Cesar Izturis Jays
 Scott Moore-Tigers Auto
 Erubiel Durazo Auto Chirography
 Garrett Atkins Black Swatch
Marlon Byrd Auto

Step on up and take my junk and send me some of yours!


  1. I'd be interested in the Perez and Durazo autos if they aren't already spoken for.

  2. They are yours. Shoot me your addy at lifebythedrop79 @ yahoo dot com

  3. Tigers Auto Chris Moore for some more vintage?