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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Target Splurge-Post 4- The 3 Pack with a Hit Envelopes

Here is the final booty from my Target spending spree.  Once again I buy a bunch of retail and have buyer's remorse.  O well, I do it to myself.  I did however beat the odds and get a second hit in on the of the packs.  I will not be retiring off of the proceeds.

 First up is the I've never heard of File-T.J. Beam
 So Shiny
 More shiny
 This shiny may be a trick to cover up how dull my hit is....
 Moving right along...
 Poltergeisty mini parallel
 Two Ginters that I liked
 Go Braves
 This was the guaranteed hit-Arpsmith-interested?
 The surprise hit! 2x3 Heroes?

Thanks for tuning in and following along.  Feel free to bash me again for going wild on retail again.  I'm an addict-what can I say?

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