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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Target Splurge Post 2- The Fairfield Rack Packs

I bought four repacks-1 Basketball and 3 Baseball.

First, Let's Hoop it Up. I'm not a huge Basketball Guy but decided to take a chance with the 1:4 GU odds...I failed
 What can I do with these shiny Bobcats?  I'm looking at you Colbey!
 A STAR Ad Card of the Mayor
 Didn't get to see Karl as a player but I imagine he played like his hair was on fire.
 A Vintage-y Phoenix Suns Team Leader Card
The Shaq Borders on this Broder are blinding.  Cool card though.

Couldn't beat the odds and get a GU card soooo on to the Baseball-3 Packs Worth.  Odds of a GU are 1:8 with 3 Vintage Cards per pack. Not sure what they classify as vintage?  Let's see how I did:
 These guys were fast in 1979
 Rookie Goodness
 More Quasi Rookie Goodness
 I'm guessing Eddie Murray didn't care for Capn Crunch
 A PC Card
 Another Quasi PC Card
 I don't think of the Bull as an A
 A nice Wiz
 Good Card. Great Name
 The other Bob Gibson
 Guy I've never heard of Part 1-Keith Garagozzo
 Part 2-Keith Drumright
 Here is my vintage haul-I guess?
 What's better than one Eric Soderholm?
 Darold Knowles mustache seems to get darker on every vintage card I find of his
What the Hale?  I only got seven cards from the 70's?  Maybe they consider 1980 as vintage.  Didn't beat the odds and find a gu either.  O well.  Up next-the Topps Value Boxes.

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  1. Sure...toss those Bobcats in my stack. Do I have a stack?