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Monday, June 17, 2013

A somewhat large announcement

I'm here this evening to announce a coming event here at the JBF Junk Pile.  I have been contemplating this for quite a while.  I have given away quite a bit of stuff here and I have been itching to do something epic. Tonight I would like to announce the Jaybarkerfan's Junk Clearinghouse Sweepstakes!  It's going to be the biggest giveaway I've ever done.  21 Winners.

Here's how this is gonna play out. 

I'm not going to reveal the prizes but there will be 21 lots up for grabs.

I will be sporadically posting opportunities to enter.  Each of the 21 opportunities will produce a different winner.  You may enter on each until you earn your spot in the Lucky 21.

After we have 21 entries I will release the prize pool and randomize a draft order.  It will not be a stealing draft. Number 1 will get there choice and so on and so on. 

I would like to make this huge.  Feel free to plug away even though I won't be adding bonus entries for doing so.  I may release a teaser or two along the way.  When I post each opportunity, I will reveal the winner of the previous entry period. No guarantees on how long each opportunity will be available.  It may be a day or it may be a couple of weeks.  Better pop when you see it!

21 people are going to have a lot of fun and to me that's what it's really all about!

Who wants an opportunity at my sweepstakes??

This is opportunity Number 1.


  1. I'm in!!

    Also, I'm working on something to send your way in the near future, Wes. I've been working on it ever since you sent me all those PWE bombs!

    Thank you for your generosity, bud!

  2. Wait. Is that opportunity knocking? Why yes, yes it is!
    Count me in as well!

  3. I like epic things. Color me intrigued.

  4. Having been the recipient of your largesse recently, I can attest that anything that JBFJ is promoting is definitely gonna be kick-ass.

  5. Heck yeah, sounds like a blast... I'm in!

  6. I'm in. Thanks!


  7. With 28 - now 29 - people trying, I better take all the chances I can.

  8. Count me in. Does the sweepstakes winner have you show up at their home with a giant check ala Ed McMahon

    1. We could do that or... I could show up at their crib and present them with an envelope filled with Bip Roberts cards!

  9. Never say no to something epic. :)

  10. Bro... how much do you spend each month on shipping? It's got to be more than I spend on actual cardboard. Awesomely generous as usual.

  11. And the last shall be first. :)

    Count me in, buddy.

  12. I may have missed the boat, but if I haven't, I'm in.

  13. Please count me in too if it isn't too late!