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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lost Collector socks my mailbox

Had an awesome mailbox visit from AJ over at the Lost Collector.  He took me up on my Send me some vintage post and dropped a bomb on me.  Check out all this awesomeness.

 Welcome to the Binder Gentlemen!

 Mr. Burnside got a mustache somewhere along the way.

 Love the Rookies!

 A Brave joins the fray!
 He also surprised me with some BBall-let's see who is hiding in this pack!

 Two retired greats!
And finally two younger guys!

Thanks again AJ.  I will have your stuff out later this week!

Monday, February 25, 2013

If Matt offers you vintage

You better take it!  Matt claimed one of my cards and sent me vintage. He sent me 'bitchin vintage.  I love the vintage!!

Rock and Roll-Here we go!

 Swing away 1974
 More 74 awesomeness
 78 Vintage Gold
 George was fast in 1961 he led the league in Triples
 Manny has a big glove. Now he's in my 69 binder
3 More going in the 69 binder!!

Thanks again Matt. Check him out here

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Arpsmith knows how to deliver the Goods

I recently offered up a slew of cards for vintage and Adam claimed a couple off my list.  Check out the awesome cards he sent me:

ADAM!  You rock.  These are going into lockdown in my vintage binder!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

One of those OMG Moments

The blog o sphere is full of class A citizens.  I try to be one myself.  This afternoon has to be the greatest example of such.  I have been trying to do a post a day and set them up for scheduling but quite frankly this one just can't wait for a couple of days the line to be posted.  It has to be done right now in this moment.  I'm warning you.  The cardboard that follows in this post is too good to be just gifted to me or anyone else for that matter but it was.  I'm just fricken ecstatic right now.  Tom from Waiting 'til Next Year was the author of this insanity.

 76 is double awesome!
 Chuck Tanner will never be leaving my vintage binder

 Sorry AJ!  These are staying with me.


yES!  That is a 55 Bowman Color. Check!  From my favorite team.  Check!  All time epic player.  Check!

Tom....I don't know how to pay you back for this one but bet your bottom buck it is going to be epic when I do.  Thank you so much my friend!

Brett delivers again

My buddy UCF, aka known as Brett sends me PWE's .  This team it featured 83 Fleer Braves.  Awesome sundae with a Redus Cherry on Topps.  Thanks Brett!

Friday, February 22, 2013

A box from the Big Hurt

My buddy Roy sent me a great box this week.  In it was a bobble that we were talking about many months ago.  Roy remembered it and sent it my way!

 Simply a beauty
 Proud to have this one in the fold
 He also included this mini nodder of Piazza
Andruw Jones mini clix figure!

Roy also included some Braves and Expos that were also much appreciated.  Thanks again Roy for your generosity!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Big Finish to my 70's Splurge

Yesterday I detailed the 70's Topps Cards that were in my 1000 card buy from Cardsone.com but if you did the math you would see there was quite a bit uncovered.  The rest of the lot was approximately 500 cards from the 1975 SSPC set. I was thrilled to get them just maybe not that many! I did find a few gems for my collection and eventually I will dispatch the rest to team collectors on my buddy list.  Take a peek at some of the goodies.

 Pesky and Reese=Gold
 What's your profession? Ex Manager
 Keith Olbermann was involved in this set. Cool!
 Mustache glory!
 Great Names
 Quality Sox
 Legendary Catchers
 Pitchers with Bats
 Some neat photography in this set!
 More pitchers with bats!
 The Precursor to Thriller?
 Some more wacky photos
 One of my faves!
 O Mario
 Buddy Card

Thanks for sticking with me and checking out my 70's lot.