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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A trip to 1978

I blogged earlier about my 1000 card vintage pickup.  Now if you like, join me as I show you some of the 1978's I picked up!

 189 1978's in all.  Let take a look at some of my favorites
 2 Vintage sox. One looks all business, the other looks to be having a blast
 I'm a sucker for rookie Pitcher.  Apparantly 78 topps was a sucker for A's Rookie Pitchers
 I vote for you Pedro
 Who ya got in your lineup today skip?
 Great name.  Is the Kremlin in Moskau?
 O Rozema, You're Rookie Cup Runneth Over
 He looks more "Most interesting man in the world" ish than Mad Hungarian in this card.
 I don't picture these guys as Rangers
 Just a great shot of a guy who could catch fire at the plate.
 Classic Player-Classic Shot
 Classic Player-Classic Shot Part II
 O Mario. You're a 5 tool guy here in the blog o sphere
You sir have an awesome name

Tune in soon for a look at my 1979 spoils.


  1. I may have to track down that Zdeb just for the wacky name

  2. Looking forward to the '79s. That's set I'm tracking down after I get done with '77.

  3. Nice! Are you going to build the '77 set?