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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Antique Mall holds ancient WWF Treasures

I spoke a couple of days ago about finding a bobble head on a recent antique mall trip.  I also unearthed a couple of pieces from my childhood.  I loved wrestling as a kid and instantly fell in love with the clunky oversized rubber wrestling figures.  I begged each and every week for a new one.  I played for so many hours with those guys and they paid the price.  They all eventually disappeared with my childhood.  They are not easy to find now in the wild.  They can of course be found on ebay if you have deep pockets, anything can.  I did find these three and snatched them up. Childhood revisited in the tiniest way at the the small cost of 3 bucks a piece.

Strike Force and Corporal Kirschener have come home to roost.  No, I haven't played with them...but I wouldn't tell you if I had. 

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