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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gary Redus is Cheaper in Canada

A package recently arrived in my plastic mail receiving portal from the great nation of Canada!  The package I received was courtesy of Douglas of BuckStoreCards and it is magical.  The opening act was a bundle of Braves and Bama alumni.

However, the star of this show was a financial coup.  The amount that Douglas paid for the following cards is absolutely filthy. I'm just glad that they made it in front of his eyes.  Luckily, he knows a Gary Redus Super Collector.
Yes those are all autographed!! 

Douglas I can't thank you enough my friend!


  1. I'm glad everything made it there. For those wondering about the price of those Redus cards, I pulled them from a 5 for a dollar bin. I had to throw in the Braves/Bama cards because I had too many Redus cards for a plain white envelope, but too few for a padded envelope.

    Therefore, extra cards!

    The guy asked me if I was joking when I said that I know someone who collects Gary Redus cards.

  2. Someday I'll have to go back through your blog history and find why you love Gary Redus so much. These posts always make me smile.