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Monday, February 18, 2013

Underdog strikes again!

Zach, from the Underdog Card blog, has become a fast friend here at JBF Junk. A fresh new blog on the street with fresh new perspectives.  He and I have recently began swapping cards. He delivered again this week!

First up, a handful of Braves Minis.  Can't ever have too many of these!
 A nice selection from 02 Topps
 A magnificent Javy that I had never seen before!
 The once big thing and the JHey Kid
 Two legends in Ginter Glory
 I don't like corn flakes but I do like Knucklers
 Vintage Hammer
 This is a glimpse at my Braves Anthology Binder.  It's hard to find anyone that goes in there.  Why am I showing you a picture of the binder?
 Because Zach filled one of the empty slots with Bako! Well played sir-the gem of the package!
Thanks again Zach!  You will see some Fathers in your mailbox again soon.

1 comment:

  1. Right on, thanks for the stellar write up! Stoked I found a slot to fill in the Anthology Binder, b00m!

    Glad you didn't have that Laser. What a card, huh?

    They're already starting to accumulate 'round here, again...

    Cheers, my man!