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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Big Finish to my 70's Splurge

Yesterday I detailed the 70's Topps Cards that were in my 1000 card buy from Cardsone.com but if you did the math you would see there was quite a bit uncovered.  The rest of the lot was approximately 500 cards from the 1975 SSPC set. I was thrilled to get them just maybe not that many! I did find a few gems for my collection and eventually I will dispatch the rest to team collectors on my buddy list.  Take a peek at some of the goodies.

 Pesky and Reese=Gold
 What's your profession? Ex Manager
 Keith Olbermann was involved in this set. Cool!
 Mustache glory!
 Great Names
 Quality Sox
 Legendary Catchers
 Pitchers with Bats
 Some neat photography in this set!
 More pitchers with bats!
 The Precursor to Thriller?
 Some more wacky photos
 One of my faves!
 O Mario
 Buddy Card

Thanks for sticking with me and checking out my 70's lot.  


  1. HO-LY crap.

    Now THAT was the highlight.

    Nice job. Love that set.

  2. Wow, really cool that Olbermann was involved. The Munson beard is fantastic. So nice to not see a Topps photo.

  3. Gotta love the SSPC,only major Baseball set in 70s other than Topps.

  4. What an awesome way to wrap up that vintage lot... I love this set.