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Friday, February 8, 2013

Time to announce some winners!!!

First to announce a winner in my last minute Super Bowl Contest...Drum Roll Please........

Dirk Komarnitsky(I need your address at your convenience)

On to Free Card Friday from this past week...Winner gets a team care package...Here we go..........

The Dimwit!!!(Got your addy bro)

Finally, onto my card shop guessing contest.  First, for anyone that is interested, the football packs yielded almost nothing.  A Luck Rookie and a TY Hilton #'d rookie were the only mild highlights. 

Secondly,  I wanna shop at some of the shop's ya'll do!! Some low guesses there, I hope there at those great deals at your LCS, I never find them at mine lol.

My final total on my purchase was........$103.64

Uncanny for the winner.......

cardanathema(Need your address at your leisure so that I can get the Molitor headed your way)

Gonna give Free Card Friday a rest for a while. Gonna catch up on putting some packages together and some other housekeeping things.

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