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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Take this stuff and trade me vintage

2013 is the year of vintage here at JBF's junk.  In that spirit, let me offer these cards to you.  See something that you like then all you need to do is place a claim and send me some vintage.  I will send you the item you claimed.  That simple.  Just a couple of housekeeping items to consider.  Please consider vintage pre 1980 for this event.  How much or how little you send is up to you-I don't even want to know what you're sending. Please claim no more than two items from the cards offered.   Let's get it on!

 1.  Jake Jarvis 2011 Panini USA Baseball #'d 075/199
 2.  Brandon Phillips 2013 Topps Calling Card Insert
 3.  Devin Mesoraco 2013 Topps Chasing the Dream Insert-CLAIMED
 4.  Michal Handzus 01 SP GU Edition Tools of the Game White Swatch-CLAIMED
 5.  Aroldis Chapman 2013 Topps Calling Card Insert
 6.  Olumide Oyedeji 2000 Sage Autograph 58/650
 7.  Bryant Johnson 2003 Sage Silver Level Jersey White Swatch #'d 18/50-CLAIMED
 8.  Quentin Richardson 05-06 Hardcourt Materials White Swatch-CLAIMED
 9.  Jackie Robinson 2010 Topps Sterling #079/250-CLAIMED
 10.  Dan Haren 2003 Topps Prisitine Encased Refractor Rookie 182/499-CLAIMED
 11.  Lou Gehrig 2010 Sterling #'d 074/250-CLAIMED
 12.  Michael Bourne 2007 A&G Mini Rookie
13.  39 Card 1988 Topps Mini Sticker Lot-Stickers on Front-Superstar Card on Back


  1. Him. I like Gehrig. And, I like Topps Sterling. Hourly we can work something out?

  2. Hey Wes! I'll take the Q Richardson. I have some vintage to send.

    1. It's yours bro. I had some stuff I needed to send your way this week anyways so that's synergy.

  3. I will take the Jackie Robinson and the Devin Mesoraco. I should have your address somewhere but shoot me a note just in case.


  4. Gotcha Adam. I will shoot you a line later on this morning.

  5. I'll claim the Bryant Sage GU. What kind of vintage are you looking for?


    1. It's yours. Whatever you want to send is fine by me. Please shoot me your address when you have a moment. My email is lifebythedrop79@yahoo dot com

  6. I'll send you some vintage for the Harden and Blues relic

    Jasonjasonp12@gmail dot com

    I should have your address still