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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1979 was a good year

Without further ado here are my 1979 pickups from my vintage binge.

 262 Cards in all...Lets look at some of my faves
 All Star Garvey. Nuff Said
 Love the future skipper cards
 Have I mentioned that I love this guy's name
 Thinking about getting a hit
 One of my favorite cards of all time
 OPC Cruz. Yes Please
 Just a great card
 I'll gladly pay you tomorrow for an Umbarger today
 The Witches of Rawly Eastwick
 Another Future Skipper
 A great shot
 Pujols! Pujols! Pujols!
 I would have nicknamed him "Truth"
 I don't often think of him as a Padre
 Wish I was on the Tribe this year. O to be teammates with Cage Fighter and Speed Racer
 Brock and Brock
Another magnificent Tyson

If you're good at math, then you have realized that I'm through 1979 and still have quite a few cards to discuss from a lot of 1000.  Tune in tomorrow for the dramatic finish.


  1. Brock and Brock, sounds like a law firm.

    Very nice vintage lot!!

  2. That firemen card is definitely awesome.

  3. The Goose/Rollie is awesome! I just wish Goose had his 'stache then. Imagine a card with both those guys featuring their mustaches? Would be a classic.

  4. Wow... that's a lot of 79 Topps! What a great starter lot... you should build the set. I have never seen that Firemen card, but it's awesome! Love the Brock & Brock too.