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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A splurge-Trip though the 70's

I splurged a little on myself this month.  Part of that splurging was a purchase from cardsone.com
Their selection is eclectic but a few things there strike my interest. One of those things was a lot of 1000 1970's cards for $49.99.  I am going to detail the results here and whatever dupes don't go in my vintage binder may show up in a PWE Bomb near you!

 1973 Topps Yielded these two beauties
 1974 included 5 cards including Yogi!!!
 Only two from 1975
 Skip 1976 and jump to 1977 which had 60 cards-Here are my Top 5
 #5 Cubs Topps Floating Head Team Card
 #4 Two Braves that I did not have in the Anthology Binder!!!
 #3 The Penguin
 #2 I always smile when I see Mike Tyson Cards
#1 Joaquin Rookie(I believe)-Can't go wrong with a 4 Time All Star.  Believe he won 20 twice with the Cards.

Join me later as I continue on my tour-Spoiler alert.  It's heavy on 78's,79's, and something else!


  1. I love some of the awesome junkwax from Cardsone. I wish their shipping was more reasonable, because I would go on a shopping spree for sure. Thanks for sharing... always like seeing what people find in these vintage lots. Very cool Yogi manager card. And "yes" that's an Andujar RC. Loved watching that guy pitch during the 80's.

  2. Great pickup! I would have been all over that myself. Especially for the 78's and 79's.