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Monday, February 4, 2013

Thanks Woody!

Although I mainly am active in the blogworld now, I do still have some great relationships that I have developed from years in the trading forums.  One of those friends I have, Jeff sent me a great package this week.  No commentary really necessary.  He knows what I collect and he hit this one out of the park.  Thanks again Jeff!
 Pure Gold Sixties and Seventies 'Spos
 Eighties vintage Les Expos
 Reprint Heaven
 That's a whole lot of Unit
 Double Vision
 Some Braves
 Be early do not be late with the Cardinals Hits
Great photography Expos!


  1. Out of the park, for sure!

    It's great to see some foo-baw cards make an appearance. We've got to stay strong and continue to feature a few football cards throughout the offseason, which (and this is not a good sign) feels too long already.

  2. Wait, you collect Expos? IF I would have known that I would have thrown some in when I sent your bobbleheads.

  3. Dang... it sure is a small world. Woody is the man! Excellent trader and definitely a class act.