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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Walgreens Top15 Countdown

While almost everyone has been out getting their initial fix of 2013 Topps, I am resisting.  Instead I have to get my fill in other arenas.  That being said, I was in Walgreen's and found 2 hangar packs that spoke to me. I didn't speak back to the clamshell cards-that would make me crazy!  I did however buy them and now I want to share the top 15 cards I pulled from the packs.
 I'm not holding my breath for Memorabilia Cards!
 #15-A card of a guy that I had never heard of that plays for a team named the Chicks.  Cool shirt dude!
 #14-Ellis was a good player. I've never seen his Rookie Cup in OPC. Poof it has appeared.
#13- I remember when this card was super hot. Rated Rookies were a big deal back then lol.
 #12-I've never seen this card of the Kid-That's why I put it in the countdown.
 #11-Shiny.  I'm sure some team collector will dig it. Even if it is Marlins!
 #10-You have a cool name and I've never heard of you.  Welcome to the Countdown.
 #9-You're name reminds me of Pizza. I love Pizza!  Welcome to the Countdown.
 8.  More refractorness-I know more Rockies collectors.  Maybe one can use this.
#7-I wonder if Art just had his eyes dilated?
 #6-OPC-83 Rice-Awesome!
 #5-Fake rookie of a guy that's pretty topical right now.  Heard of him?
 #4-Juan-You're mustache is boss.  I respect you.
 #3-Bip. Bip. Bip-I will figure out a way to use you. Oh yes.
 #2-A cool numbered card. Nothing more and nothing less.  Gambler
 #1 -Tony is pretty banged up. But it's still Tony and I think I know a good home for this one.  If it smelled like chocolate I would keep it for myself.
Thanks for sticking around to read this hot mess.


  1. nice! 3 of the top 5 are Padres! Didn't see that happening when I started reading! Great cards.

  2. Awesome pack! OPC Ellis Burks? That's pretty cool... but not nearly as cool as the Nestle's Gwynn.

  3. Wes, may you set aside the Masaoka card for me? Maybe put it in with the cards from the card draft? I will mail something out your way in return. Thanks.

  4. Art Howe looks like Don Draper.

    And I need that Griffey!