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Friday, March 25, 2016

Getting cards from the vintage #supertrader

Check out this sweet vintage master Mark Hoyle!  Mr. Hoyle doesn't blog but he swing a heavy vintage hammer!

 Mark starts this AB with a curveball-NON VINTAGE  BRAVOS!!!
 Now for the heat! Glorious Bravos vintage!
 This is why Mark is the man.  Vintage for days!!
I love this arrangement.  Can't wait to get them in the vintage binder!  Thanks go out to you Mark!!  I declare you the vintage king of #supertraders

Thursday, March 24, 2016

My favorite lawyer is a supertrader

Wanted to get some catching up done on some supermaildays I've been receiving.  This one comes courtesy of my legal eagle buddy from Badstreet.  Tony has been on fire lately on blogs and he paid me a mailbox visit recently:

 Some outstanding Dover Reprints
 A huge stack o Bravos including some new ones or the Anthology binder
 Mr. Swanson! Times 4
This was the big hitter!  Smoltzie IP Autograph...Simply a beaut!!  Thank you Tony-You are truly a #supertrader!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A longtime pal is also a #SUPERTRADER

PTown Tom may very well be my longest standing trading partner and we have been getting things done for quite a long time.  He is a very thoughtful and resourceful trader. He was the author of one of the greatest maildays of my career:  http://jaybarkerfan.blogspot.com/2015/06/perspective-from-ptown.html

He has gone out of his way yet again with a great #SUPERTRADERS package.  Let's check it out:
 Hail to the all powerful Redus!  Great Start!
 A dandy vintage Cardinal!!
 You were right Ptown!  I did like this one!
 A very nice selection of Bravos!
 A very Zaney Autograph
 A sweet Sid Bream Hologram which I've never seen!  I sometimes let Braves out of the junkpile but not this one!
 OHHHH Here we go with the Willinghammer!
 OK so has Tom abducted Josh??????? Are you ok Hammer?????? 
 I would love to know the story of this 7 pack of IP Autos???
 Holy Smokes!!!! Look at that Beauty above!!!
This package above is stunning.  Would love to know the story behind this one?  A great collage and memorabilia collection of the night the Willinghammer unleashed hell?  I love IT!!!

Tom you outdid yourself here!  But no war for us two old warhorses on this one.....maybe.   Many thanks my friend, MANY THANKS! #SUPERTRADER

Never fear-I have a big stack of supertrader packages to get showed off on here in the days to come but for now DINNER

Monday, March 14, 2016

Step right up! Step right up!

Here is a grouping of cards that I would like to offer up to ANYONE that is interested.  Feel free to claim one or quite a few if you wish.  Just shoot me an email to confirm at lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com.  If you want to send something in return you may send Donaldson/Willingham, Any sport vintage, or Braves.  Let's get it goin!

Lane Thomas 2013 Donruss Elite USA Jersey Dark Blue Swatch
Jacob Nix 2013 Donruss Elite USA Jersey Gray Swatch
Ryan Berry 2008 UD National Team Jersey White Swatch
Rod Dedeaux 2013 Certified USA Die Cut 352/699
Michael Choice 2013 Certified USA Die Cut 461/699
Michael Choice 2013 Certified USA Die Cut 264/699
Willie Abreu 2013 Certified USA Green 198/199
Brett Hambright 2013 Certified USA Green 028/199

Melvin Booker 1994 Tetrad Rookie Autographs
Donald Watts 1999 SP Reflections Vital Signs Autograph
BJ Mckie 1999 SP Reflections Vital Signs Autograph
AJ Bramlett 1999 SP Reflections Vital Signs Autograph
Jabari Smith 2000 Press Pass Autograph
Pete Mickeal 2000 Press Pass Autograph
Etan Thomas 01 UD Encore Star Rookie 1049/1600
Julius Hodge 05-06 Bowman Draft Autograph Smudged
Melvin Ely 02-03 Topps Pristine Rookie Refractor 1303/1899
Mehmet Okur 05-06 Topps Chrome Second Unit Refractor White Swatch Jersey 49/99

Jared Bronson 2009 Sage Autograph
Clive Walford 2013 Bowman Chrome Refractor Rookie Autograph
Hauoli Kikaha 2013 Bowman Chrome Refractor Rookie Autograph
Mark Montgomery 1993 Superior Rookies Auto 2873/6000
Da'rick Rogers 2013 Press Pass Fanfare Autograph 138/149
Kelvin Benjamin 2014 UD Authentics Rookie 186/430
Don Talbert 2011 UD Texas Gold 074/210
Limas Sweed 2008 Press Pass Goal Line 09/25
Shay Hodge 2010 Donruss Elite Status Die Cut Rookie 41/97
Ryan Shazier 2014 Leaf Signatures Autograph
Emmanuel Acho 2012 Press Pass Autograph


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Super Break for the Super Traders

Here is an attempt to score something really cool for the group.  We did succeed with one card going to a group member.  #supertraders

Friday, March 4, 2016

Breakin for the #supertraders

Welcome to another episode of the breaks starring your cardboard country boy-the high end hick-the repack redneck-the mysterious jbf.  Warning this video is rated ST for Southern Twang.  Cool cards though for each supertrader so check it outttttttt!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Busting some Loot Lockers!

The idea of subscription services always seems to interest me.  I'm a Loot Crate participant and also was on board with Collector Crate before whatever happened to them.   I've been seeing some Loot Lockers and wanted to give them a try.  So in true jaybarkerfan fashion I got two.  Wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the highlights.

 Each Loot Locker comes in a card box with a neat logo affixed.  You can acquire baseball, basketball, football, or hockey.  It can be purchased as a one time basis or by subscription.
 In addition to cards, you receive some sleeves, skinny and thick toploaders, and some candy.
 Each locker contained one pack of Topps Chrome, one pack of Bowman's Best, and two packs of Bowman Chrome.  All hobby versions.
 The majority of my good finds were from Bowman Chrome.  Got the Polanco and Carlos in stacks to head to good supertraders homes.
 Always nice to find a hit and this one also will be supertrader bound!
 I would consider this last card a hit as well.  The Orange Refractor is a 1:151 pack pull!!  Nice and I know a card AJ will enjoy!
And this bad boy is 15/25! 

Overall I would say the Loot Locker is a fun rip if you like to get into some hobby packs and take your chances.  This time I think I did well.  I will be continuing this Loot Locker experience as it will be a good way to secure cards for fellow supertraders.  I like the concept and like the idea that you can win other upgraded packs.  Only request I might log is for possibly adding a premium option with more goodies.  Here is where you can check out the Loot Locker.

Stay tuned in the coming days as I have four #supertraders packages to show off and another break to record and share!