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Thursday, March 24, 2016

My favorite lawyer is a supertrader

Wanted to get some catching up done on some supermaildays I've been receiving.  This one comes courtesy of my legal eagle buddy from Badstreet.  Tony has been on fire lately on blogs and he paid me a mailbox visit recently:

 Some outstanding Dover Reprints
 A huge stack o Bravos including some new ones or the Anthology binder
 Mr. Swanson! Times 4
This was the big hitter!  Smoltzie IP Autograph...Simply a beaut!!  Thank you Tony-You are truly a #supertrader!


  1. Glad you liked those cards, JBF! I had to get those Sewell brothers to you to make up for not having them in the "war" packages last year.

  2. Nice stuff! Can't go wrong with a Smoltz auto!

  3. That's a fairly clean auto for IP. Those can tend to be crappy, but Smoltz did it nice and clean.

  4. Cool stuff from Tony.

  5. Great Smoltz auto. Most former player analysts suck, but I love listening to him on the MLB network. Very smart guy.