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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Busting some Loot Lockers!

The idea of subscription services always seems to interest me.  I'm a Loot Crate participant and also was on board with Collector Crate before whatever happened to them.   I've been seeing some Loot Lockers and wanted to give them a try.  So in true jaybarkerfan fashion I got two.  Wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the highlights.

 Each Loot Locker comes in a card box with a neat logo affixed.  You can acquire baseball, basketball, football, or hockey.  It can be purchased as a one time basis or by subscription.
 In addition to cards, you receive some sleeves, skinny and thick toploaders, and some candy.
 Each locker contained one pack of Topps Chrome, one pack of Bowman's Best, and two packs of Bowman Chrome.  All hobby versions.
 The majority of my good finds were from Bowman Chrome.  Got the Polanco and Carlos in stacks to head to good supertraders homes.
 Always nice to find a hit and this one also will be supertrader bound!
 I would consider this last card a hit as well.  The Orange Refractor is a 1:151 pack pull!!  Nice and I know a card AJ will enjoy!
And this bad boy is 15/25! 

Overall I would say the Loot Locker is a fun rip if you like to get into some hobby packs and take your chances.  This time I think I did well.  I will be continuing this Loot Locker experience as it will be a good way to secure cards for fellow supertraders.  I like the concept and like the idea that you can win other upgraded packs.  Only request I might log is for possibly adding a premium option with more goodies.  Here is where you can check out the Loot Locker.

Stay tuned in the coming days as I have four #supertraders packages to show off and another break to record and share! 


  1. Looking forward to it. These do look interesting and a lot pull autos from what I see

  2. Not too shabby. Perfect kind of break for the supertraders.

  3. An orange refractor and an auto of the #3 overall pick in 2015...not bad!!!!

  4. Wow, that Miller is SWEET! I have some stuff to send your way soon, just waiting on one other card.

  5. I like the loot locker idea. Will any of the candy be distributed to supertraders? Might up your postage expenses!

  6. These Loot Lockers are kind of interesting, and Matt's right -- this is a perfect kind of break for the #SuperTraders.

  7. I had never heard of them before but I now have a basketball one on it's way to me. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Oh, sweet! Hoping Brendan Rodgers turns into MLB material sooner rather than later. Jose Reyes in Tulo's spot is hard to stomach.

  9. I'm subscribed to a guy on YouTube that gets these. He's pretty lucky and pulls a hit almost every time. I save my money and live vicariously through him.