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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A longtime pal is also a #SUPERTRADER

PTown Tom may very well be my longest standing trading partner and we have been getting things done for quite a long time.  He is a very thoughtful and resourceful trader. He was the author of one of the greatest maildays of my career:  http://jaybarkerfan.blogspot.com/2015/06/perspective-from-ptown.html

He has gone out of his way yet again with a great #SUPERTRADERS package.  Let's check it out:
 Hail to the all powerful Redus!  Great Start!
 A dandy vintage Cardinal!!
 You were right Ptown!  I did like this one!
 A very nice selection of Bravos!
 A very Zaney Autograph
 A sweet Sid Bream Hologram which I've never seen!  I sometimes let Braves out of the junkpile but not this one!
 OHHHH Here we go with the Willinghammer!
 OK so has Tom abducted Josh??????? Are you ok Hammer?????? 
 I would love to know the story of this 7 pack of IP Autos???
 Holy Smokes!!!! Look at that Beauty above!!!
This package above is stunning.  Would love to know the story behind this one?  A great collage and memorabilia collection of the night the Willinghammer unleashed hell?  I love IT!!!

Tom you outdid yourself here!  But no war for us two old warhorses on this one.....maybe.   Many thanks my friend, MANY THANKS! #SUPERTRADER

Never fear-I have a big stack of supertrader packages to get showed off on here in the days to come but for now DINNER


  1. Mmmm... pizza.
    I went to a show in Iowa this past summer and found a dealer who was only peddling ticket stubs and collage like items. I have a list of players that I always look for when at shows and Willinghammer was one of the guys that was a hit in his collection. I added in the auto'd card just the other day.

    The 7 IP autos were a down and dirty Ebay find for a five spot. How can sellers part with such gems for only a Lincoln is beyond me.

    The low numbered Sweet Spot Signatures card was my favorite find and I got it for a steal. I had been watching it for a while and the seller never budged on his price and then one day it was marked at 75% off. I pounced!

    I literally mailed that package less than 48 hours before this post. The USPS must have a well worn path between our addresses for it to get there so quickly!

    Happy collecting! #SuperTraders

  2. That B'Alous Brothers card is one of my favorites all time. Moises was my favorite Cub when he was here and Blues Brothers is my favorite movie - perfect match! Although, I've also always thought that this card would make more sense with Felipe and one of his brothers, rather than his son.

  3. The non baseball sweet spot signatures are so cool. The bats and gloves in the silver ink look fantastic. It is too bad the ball versions fade.