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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Target Spending Spree-Part 1

I set out for Target today with my sights set on picking up some of those tackle boxes where you get the guaranteed hit, the couple of packs, coins, and loose cards.  Alas, none were present. Those things sure seem to dry up quickly.  I did however decide to just go ahead and lose my mind and buy some junk.  The following posts will chronicle my findings.
 2 3 Pack Dealios with the Guaranteed Hit
 2 Reduced 2012 Value Boxes
 The Pack and 50 Card Cube with the all important BONUS
Four good old fashioned Fairfield Repacks

Let's start our journey with the four pack/50 card box shall we....

O Jamie Moyer, he of the ageless wonder club,  I never remember him as an Oriole
 And I don't remember Papi as a Twin.  I know he was, I just don't remember it.
 Good ole fashioned glossy ALL-Stars
 Aye Aye Capn
 I now present-Guys I had never heard of that I pulled-Part I-Dennis Sarfate
 Part II- Joe Inglett
 Wow, Dan Wheeler got around in the early 00's
 I suppose this was my bonus.  Red would have looked so much better on this refractor
 I did manage to sneak a hit of sorts with this ?Gold? Parallel of the Perfect Game Saving Former Bravo Dewayne
And then this exhibit from the just plain ugh category.  UGH

Stay tuned...Up next will be the four Fairfield repacks.

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  1. Very interesting mix of stuff you got on those repacks. There is a lot more truly oddball stuff than I would have expected. Dennis Sarfate has spent the last three years in Japan, that's the only reason his name stood out to me, he keeps turning up in checklists I'm transcribing.