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Saturday, December 15, 2012

FREE CARD FRIDAY(ON SATURDAY) Extra Crispy Vintage Edition

Welcome to another episode of Free Card Friday(On Saturday Again)!  This week the giveaway is all vintage!  I love vintage, the crispier the better!  I am giving these three extra crispy pieces away this week. Just drop a comment if you would like to enter the fray. Signups will be open until 5PM Central Friday! Good Luck!

Sal Maglie 1958 Topps-This one of the "Barber " has seen better days but it still deserves love!
Wally Post-1955 Bowman-Rough but still awesome.
Blix Donnelly-1951 Bowman-Saved the best for last . How can you not be awesome with a name like BLIX!


  1. I like extra crispy on my chicken and my cards. Put me in he hat....

  2. I'm all about vintage. Good stuff.

  3. Wow...those are nice! Count me in too please!