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Monday, August 31, 2015

Vacation Cardboard 20-16

Here is the second in a handful of posts to show off and say thanks for 25 super neat cards!  Many thanks to everyone that did trades and sent cards.  No duds in any of those trades. Just these 25 speak to me.

#20-A very nice signature from the old knuckler!  This one came courtesy of Scott Orphan
 #19 Love the big silver signature on this USA card from RC over at CCW
 #18 A beautiful rookie card #'d to 299 of the best Cardinal courtesy of Todd Leach!
 #17 A lovely autograph and jersey #'d to only 99 also from Todd Leach
 #16.  I have a knack for accumulating patches from Taylor.  This one is #'d to only 99 and also from Todd
Anyone having Cardinal fatigue yet?? Stay tuned for the next few posts as it only gets cooler as we go!

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