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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vacation Top 25

Here is the first in a handful of posts to show off and say thanks for 25 super neat cards!  Many thanks to everyone that did trades and sent cards.  No duds in any of those trades. Just these 25 speak to me.

25-A man called Busta-The signature isn't world class but the name is first rate! This gem came from Sport Card Collectors Blog.
 24. A duo of autos from former Bama Brute Barrett Jones.  These both came again from SCC
 23.  Going back to the dates when #'d to 1480 was limited and its a Cardinal auto I didn't have.  Thanks to Marc B for this ink.
 22.  Classic Bedrock-82 Topps Traded came courtesy of Marc B
 21.  Boy I loved the Rackers back in the day.  I had never seen this one before and it came from John Hazen.

Stay tuned for the next few posts as it only gets cooler as we go!


  1. Loving the Seth Joyner card, keep you eyes peeled for the trade package I sent your way, sorry for the delay.

  2. I used to pick Rackers in my fantasy drafts just so I could select him with a nickname: Neil "Nice" Rackers. :-) Great cards already!