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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The waning days of war-Walk finds an alliance

Officially the war is over!  Today I received a final onslaught from the BWTP forces.  As I feared earlier, in this skirmish, Great Scott has acquired an alliance from an international force.  The Card Papoy is presided over by the uber generous Kevin.  I surmised that an earlier shot from Kevin was sent in defense of Walk but it was just Kevin being Kevin.  As it turned out Papoy was indeed in cahoots with Bob Walk.  The French Connection sent these armaments to Matt who then unfurled them onto my army:

 Double Vision!
 It appears that Kevin is going to prey on my weakness
 I was so excited when Edge came to the desert!
 The below card is actually a Quad Swatch with non Cards on the back
 Oh Leinart...what a shame
 Love that Ball Card!
 What a beautiful Snake!
 Now Kevin just isn't fighting fair
 Arizona Cardinals+Autograph Project=Major Fun Times
 Leonard Pope was a physical beast!  What a beautiful green Auto!
 The hits just keep on comin
 What a BEAUT!!!  This framed black mini auto with blue ink is a gem!
 John Skelton is one I was really pulling for-THAT LETTER IS STUNNING!
Thanks to Great Scott and especially to the Card Papoy for this super bevy of Cardinals hits!  #warishell #reinforcements

Stay tuned as Mr. Walk also took one last shot at my forces. ONE LARGE STUNNING SHOT


  1. Trust the French!

    Kevin is the man. He was one of the most generous bloggers out there. I'm always happy to be his card pusher. I think that quad is my favorite.

  2. thanks to Matt for forwarding the cards, it saved me a lot of time ! Which is capital during such a battle. I follow football, but not that closely, so I don't really know if there's anything really worth your time in there, but I thought they looked nice ! Glad you like them

  3. It's like Yorktown all over again!!!!!!

    I just can't decide if Kevin is Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur de Rochambeau, or François Joseph Paul de Grasse.