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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

7 for the Autograph Project from COMC

I did a little shopping on COMC.  I won't share much, eventually it will be shared by some of yous guys.  I did pick up some that struck my fancy for the auto binder.

 Stevie is a local guy that made it.  7750 were made of this autograph. I'm trying not to take a Pokémon approach on these-Gotta catch em all
 As a ten year old I thought the Barbarian was the toughest guy around.
 Nikita Koloff was a great bad guy and a great good guy-So rare
 I loved Hilbilly Jim-Always thought he would make a great heel
 Love Kamala-Gotta love Kamala
One of my top five all time favorites.  Maybe Tony will take me to Abdullah's House of Ribs/Chinese Food???

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  1. Wes... I haven't forgotten about you. Way behind in building packages, but I assure you I have tons of autographs for your PC. Love the wrestling autographs!

  2. Since I'm from West Virginia I assume most people think I look like Hillbilly Jim.

  3. Abdullah's is on the south side of town -- about an hour (at least) from where I live -- so I've actually never been there. That would be a blast!