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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Uncle Tiny hits me Big

Double shot of posts tonight as I'm falling behind the past week. 

I have been blessed to have an Uncle Tiny.  He finds and sends me great stuff.  He has even adopted my pal AJ.

 A trio from Mr. Football
 A super neat Bravo insert I had never seen
 I love cards of the Terminator.  I need to see if he has auto
 A beautiful sparkly stud RC
 This Gabbert is almost a Christmas Card at 11/25
 Tiny getting on the board with the autograph project
 I had mentioned that the Hawk was one of my favorites!  Tiny got me hooked up with this great card and......
BOOOOOOM-This beautiful signature is going in the mancave on the wall!

Thanks Tiny-You always make me smile


  1. Kyle Calder - ugh. Yet another can't miss rookie, that missed miserably in the Indian head sweater.

  2. Dawson has a gorgeous signature!

  3. Awesome stuff. He is a nice Uncle.

  4. Tiny is a great dude. That Klesko is cool!

  5. Always nice to see Dawson in his Montreal uniform. He sure has an amazing signature.