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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wary in times of war-Mail from Defgav

Since the skirmish with Bob Walk has developed into a cardboard war, I have been nervous daily.  There is really no limit to what Matt will send(as you will see in my next post).  Every walk to the mailbox since has been exciting and leery at the same time.  Matt does enough on his own but there has been talk of alliances with numerous US allies even rumors of a French Alliance.  Every package makes me wonder if this is a simple return package or some well planned allied strike from an ally of my adversary.  The package I received early this week was from DefGav from the very enjoyable blog Baseball Card Breakdown.  As I held the bubbler from BCB, I was feeling like a three legged cat trying to traverse a dogpound.  Is this an innocent return from DefGav or some coordinated strike?  Let's find out:

 The outside packaging made me even more pensive. Is 24 Hour Freshness Maximum Confidence some sort of threat??
 Let's start out with a great Brave
 A super cool mascot card
 Roll Tide Roll
 Some Cardinal Love
 Gavin seems to be hitting on all my interests.  Is this an orchestration?
 Looks like something fancy is coming my way
 Melvin 1/1 from the vault!
 There's no breakdown in communication here:  I said I wanted autos and here we go!
 Hard to go wrong with Leaf Signature.  Such a clean set that I loved
 There were five of these bad boys!
 I'm finding lots of inscriptions on the minor league autos which is nice.  A little extra time went into that for sure!
 More minor league goodies
 Sticker autos are ok with me
 If you loathe them-send them my way.  Especially if they are named Bucky!
 My first Nascar related auto! 
 The following is my favorite auto from the bunch.  This one brings back memories of days gone by on the Chronicles of Fuji blog.  When I first saw Mark's blogger autograph card I instantly wanted one for myself.  I felt the exact same feeling when I saw one of these blog used relic autographs from Gavin.  I yearned to get one-almost even asked him for one!  But here it is!
 Frickin stunning kids!  I love this.  Innovation, Skill, Fun
Bling Bling!  I think this was a solo act from Gavin but who knows.  Matt is capable of anything in these times of war!  Thanks for an awesome package sir! 

Thanks in advance to Great Scott.  We will discuss what I'm thanking him for the next time we get together on this blog.  Let's go makeshift Braves!


  1. Gavin bombed you on his own accord. That is cool he sent you a 1 of 1. Great stuff!

  2. Glad you like! Yeah, I don't think this package really landed the magnitude of a blow that it needed to (especially when the top card is a guy who just got traded away from the team you like a couple days later), so I'll be keeping an eye out for a follow-up surprise attack sometime soon.