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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Supertraders Announcements

Good Morning to everyone.  Wanted to take the time to time to pass along some Super Trader business.  Firstly, I'm sure most have seen but Sam has stepped aside as the representative for the Astros.  This leaves them, Royals, Indians, and Marlins as open for representation. 

Also we have a change in a team representative.  I am stepping aside as the Braves team rep.  Simply stated I just am kind of disillusioned with the team right now and want to take a break from accumulating more Braves.  However, I have to also announce at this time that all your Braves can have a new home with John who is the dean of Johnny's Trading Spot.  Trust me if you haven't traded with John before he is first class top notch.

I will still be making mailings to Super Traders and I ask that you keep me in mind as I focus on the following collections:

Josh Willingham
Josh Donaldson
Gary Redus
Jay Barker
Benchwarmers Autos(The Hot Chick Kind)

Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. I understand the whole being "disillusioned with the team right now" thing. Hang in there. The Cubs spent five years in 5th place before things came together last year.
    Glad to see Johnny is on board.

  2. Thanks for the updates Wes! I'll keep you in for anything I come across. Glad to see we have new face in the group.

  3. Wes, the Braves sucked before...... remember the 80s? LOL, Next decade we're going to kick butt. LOL>

    1. Haha that's true John I do remember. Regardless you are now a SUPERTRADERRRRRRRRR my friend!!!

  4. Right on Jay. I wish I could be disillusioned with the Twins, but I just can't quit them. I will be keeping my eyes open for those PC guys.

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  6. Disillusioned? Try wearing the pants of an A's and Padres fan ;)

  7. If no one has taken the astros, I will throw my name in the ring. There aee enough astros players in my pc to kustify such a claim. And my father is a huge astros fan and I would love to surprise him.