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Saturday, August 12, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 20- Tim B

Home stretch now sportsfans!  Only two more confirmed entries to share after today and just like the one I have to share today...ALL 3 ARE DOOZIES!

Today is all about my buddy Tim.  Tim only chose one card
Nice card but all he sent back was much much more...
 Who wouldn't love playin poker with these dudes!?
 Some sideways mascot fun
 Loving this Bulls Auto!
 Mad Dog
 Hammers still work sideways
 A gorgeous Josh
 Love the odd relics. This definitely works!
 Some TNA auto action!
 Get the table!
 Love me some Sasha
 Cant beat the Heartbreak Kid
 Can you smell what Tim is cookin?
An absolute beauty brings us to a finish.  Jolly good show sir!!  Thank you!