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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 18- Angus

As the WCOT is slowly drawing to a close the entries are bringing straight fire.  Todays entry comes courtesy of Angus.  He claimed 3 Browns cards and sent me 3 staggering mailings in return.  Here is what he ordered

And the return just sit back and enjoy this ride........
 Angus hit me over the course of three packages.  I had to get a stock pic of this cd because the genuine article is in the car
 Angus was at the SD comicon and picked me up some great books
 Jerry Lawler is a comtributor
 He also snagged me a Deadpool book which i look forward to reading
 Now lets show some cards
 Its a Bravos smorgasbord of food issues
 And some Bravos autos
 Some wood from a true fan fave in Horner
 Now the tide will roll
 Some HOF ink
 This beautiful gem is #d to only 25
 Angus shared a story that had seen the young lady perform!
 Now for the Red Birds
 Some relics

 And now the autograph blitz begins
 Love that Newcombe
 So many autos

 Sumolysimply gorgeous patch auto
 Love the helmet autos
 Now we are gonna get into Hammertime
 Oh i love the canvas autos
 A young star in the making
 Beautiful Hammer Alert
 Magical etchings
 Finally this "gem" is a leftover from my war with Tony.  The sticker below was intended to be a weapon of mass destruction in that war
 And finally!!!! Ive got the briefcase and a title shot whenever I want it!!  ABSOLUTELY KILLER!!!

Angus, you are a trading stud. Enjoyed your packages so much!!  Thank you Thank you!!

Up next is AJ


  1. That briefcase is pretty bada$$.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the packages.

    The special Minimates cover to the Deadpool comic is actually done by a friend of mine here in Ottawa, Barry Bradfield. I always try to pick up some of his Minimates exclusive covers when I see them.

    As for the wrestling comics, when the first series came out as monthly books, the publisher had Jerry Lawler in his booth at a show I went to. I got him to autograph a cover that he did, paid for a photo and had him put me in a headlock for it, and bought a piece of his art from him to give to a friend as a gift. He is a good artist and was a lot of fun to have met in person.

    More info about Rachel Homan. She won the 2017 Women's World Championships with an undefeated record for the whole bonspiel. She has a great Ottawa team!

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