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Thursday, July 27, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 3/Wave 2-P Town Tom

My good buddy Tom decided he wanted to beef up his WCOT entry.  Boy did he ever!

 Always a good way to start any package. The power of the sliding hammer
 Not many cooler things exist than a Wheres Waldo jersey
 I have to admit that I am a big sucker for Fragments of the Farm
 Oh the stories this tarp could tell
 Now you're with me Boomer
Finally we have the Director of Smiles!  What a bad ass card!!

Tom you really know me well sir.  This was a great add on.  Thanks and cheers my friend.

Angus is on deck...with a monster


  1. I two copies of the Director of Smiles and both were given to me by generous bloggers. Glad I could pass one on!

  2. Those fragments of the farm rock. Feel like I need to find more to send lol