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Saturday, July 22, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 17- Dawgbones

Tonight we have entrant 17 courtesy of Richard aka Dawgbones.  Richard did quite a bit of research via email which led him in the right direction.  Here is his claim

And Richard listed a couple other items and asked that i surprise him. I can definitely do that.  So what did he send in return?? A doozy of a trade package
 This is definitely not a snake oil trade
 A lovely red refractor
 Hammer Time
 Mad Dog
 Miscut and fantastic
 A beaut of a card
 Presidential Action
 Bravos led by Chippah
 A nice b ball relic
 I have an itch to get in on the ginter fun
 A Smoltzie manuswatch
 I love boxing relics
 Onto the auto portion of our program
 Some more hockey love
 Man i miss Craiggers.  This baby is beautifully red
 Such a great unique auto
Richard finished me off with a great Harley shirt thats BIG ENOUGH FOR ME TO WEAR!!!

You did a great job Bones!!  Thank you!

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  1. Awesome!! Glad you liked everything. I thought those autos were uniquely unusual as well as being pretty cool. Maybe you can discern that Missy relic, it's either from her swim cap, or there's no relic/swatch in there!! And I had been hoping to make it over to my local HD shop to find you a shirt, I bought mine/my wife's Harley's from there. And I've had that Fitzgerald card for ever! Really glad to have found it a proper home.