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Friday, July 21, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 16- Bob Walk the Plank

This is entry for the reigning and defending champion Bob Walk the Plank.  Matthew is the master of ceremonies there and also my biggest adversary and also my best trading partner.  We started out slow and eventually things reached a level never seen here before.  Got a lot of respect for the man that is Matthew Scott.  Here is what he claimed in the WCOT

Would you expect anything less than straight fire in return from this mad man
Here we go

 He started with these little hammers
 Then we innocently moved into this auto relic
 This beauty is #d to 50 and it only gets lower
 Now another beauty dropping down to /40
 Holy smokes this red auto is #d to 5
 Holy crap another 5er
 And whats better than that....
This is 1/1 fire!!

Matt my friend you are simply top notch brother.  I thank you so very much for everything.  

Coming up in the next couple of days are Angus and Richard...spoiler alert.  Both brought major heat


  1. Wow. He brought the greatness I expected

  2. I actually have one more card to send you, but the person I bought it from is away so it delayed shipping. Glad you liked the cards and thanks for giving me a chance to defend my title!

  3. Looks like he defended his title in style. Well done.