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Thursday, July 20, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 9/Wave 2- Gavin

Today we have a very special add on to entrant 9 for the World Cup of Trading!  Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown strikes again!

 Well Hello There
 Theres a top 40 hit if I ever saw one
 Fantastic kiss just for me
 The chicks are hot
 But these Willinghammer customs
 Are even hotter
 Not available for retail purchases
 These hot hammers
 Are 1/1 beauties from the custom lab of Dr. BCB
The weathering is spot on.  You are an artist sir!  Great addition to your WCOT ENTRY my friend!! Thank you!

Up next is the 2017 entry for defending WCOT champion and my arch rival Mr Bob Walk.


  1. Wow. Maybe I need to find more to send for a sequel lol. Not sure what I have left.

    Mr Bob walks entry will most likely be hard to beat

  2. Gavin is extremely talented. His customs are gorgeous: better-looking than those cardboard women. you guys made a great trade.

  3. The rest of us can't compete with Gavin!