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Friday, July 14, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 11- SCC

Entry 11 is a whopper. It comes courtesy of my good friend Sport Card Collectors.  He is known for being a giver and he didn't disappoint here.  He selected three cards

In return he sent this as his WCOT entry 
 SCC knows im a sucker for WWE.  Check out that swatch from the funkasaurus
 I love unique autos
 That is one sweet ass relic
 Now the birds will fly
 The Sherman Tank
 I got my ticket for the show
 Blinded by the gold
 1 OF 1 my friends
 Its a yellow plate mini
 Time for the Tide to roll in
 Mr Green has evolved into a good pro
 Gee baby Gee
 A Hofer Bammer and my first Dwight ink!!
 This came from the UK!! AJ ink!!
And this just takes the cake. Its true. Oh its damn true!!!!  Outstanding!

You really brought the fire my friend!  Thank you for all the good trades!  Hope you enjoy my return shot!


  1. Glad you enjoyed. I gave you everything I had for Cardinals autos, wrestling and Bama.

    Thanks for the return as well. I will be posting it on Tuesday.

  2. Hate that I missed out on that T206!