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Monday, July 29, 2013

What's better than free bobblehead giveaway night?

The answer to me...not much.  I ventured out to Joe Davis Stadium this past Saturday evening to get in on the bobble madness.  The laughing and cringing that came from watching the three year olds rip the heads off their brand new bobblers was well worth the 8 buck cover.  The honoree was Stars Manager and MLB ALUM Darnell Coles.  The bobble had a few issues but it's complete and mine! My only regret of the night was not pulling the trigger on a couple of cracked bats in the team store.  One was former MLB'er Jason Jaramillo.
Before we made it out to the game I met with a buddy that's selling some baseball stuff that he's accumulated through the years.  I didn't know anything about Stan Hack and I'm also not named Richard.  But I couldn't pass this piece up!

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  1. Awesome! I went to Matsui Bobblehead Day yesterday but had a slow commute and didnt get there in time for the giveaway. Mind you I still got into the stadium a half hour before first pitch.