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Friday, April 26, 2013

Last Chance to help select the most "significant" card of the Junk Wax Era

One last go round to give anyone a chance to share their top three most significant cards from 1987-1993.No right or wrong answers here folks.  Just looking to have some fun and spark some discussion! If you share your top 3 selections then I will enter you in a prize drawing.  Cmon and share your thoughts(As Dusty Rhodes would say)...if you will.


  1. 89 Upper Deck Junior Griffey Rookie
    89 Fleer Billy Ripken you know what!
    85 Topps Mark McGuire OLY card

  2. 89 Fleer Ripken - I think more people outside of the hobby are familiar with that card more than any other of the junk wax era.

    89 UD Griffey - the only hard-to-get base card of the era today

    87 Topps Bo Jackson - a huge card at the time, still popular today.

  3. 89 Upper Deck Griffey
    92 Topps Ripken/Gehrig - earliest example I remember of a regular card of a past great with a current one.
    92 Fleer Jim Abbott - it's a big deal to be playing with one hand, but the earlier cards of his did not show his pitching motion; I think 1992 was the first year.