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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Lost Collector returns fire

AJ, from the Lost Collector, have a long standing relationship. Yankees are hot property here in blogosphere but he gets first crack at mine. This week he decided to return fire on me with some Braves goodies. Here are the greatest acquisitions from his gift.

 Mad Dog Post.  Never Seen it Before
 Already got Jimbo in the Braves Binder so this lucky guy gets to reside in the Vintage Stash
 A good action shot of Reed. Will probably replace the Reed card currently in the Bravos Binder
 Haven't checked but I think this a 69 Card I need!!!
 YES! Javy!
 I can find a place for this beauty
 I follow instructions! This was my last act of the package.
 1954 Bowman!  Boston Braves! Extra Crispy!  Count me In
1968 Hammer Game Card! Holy Bleep

AJ, Thank you My Friend! Payback will sweet for ya!


  1. No payback necessary. Glad you enjoyed. I knew the Aaron need to be yours.

    I grabbed a a lot of old Starting Line Ups last week because my kid has been playing with some old Yankee ones I have. He loves them. the Javy was part of the group, so had to pass it along.

  2. This is a heavy-duty group of gems! Firstly, the Breazeale is stellar, followed by the great Reed card. Who doesn't love a vintage Starting Lineup figure for the desktop?! But, that Aaron...(long silence)...wow. Lucky Braves collector...!