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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Take this junk and give me your junk

It's time for another round of take this stuff from the jbf junk pile.  If you see something you like just shout.  I wouldn't mind getting any of the following in return.  No need to identify what you will send. Just claim it and let's do it.

I'm looking for:  Vintage(Pre 1976), Josh Willingham, Gary Redus, Braves GU/Autos, AZ Cardinals GU/Autos, AL Crimson Tide Autos/GU, Wrestling GU/Autos, and mascots.

Hopefully you are looking for:
 Gibby 066/125

 Wagner 92/99

 Smith 033/499
 Hilton 985/999
 Williamson 23/50