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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Mystery Round is Live!!!!

Well here we go with the Mystery Round.  Hopefully there are some great items in here that everyone will enjoy.  Sorry the digital camera is D.O.A.  so we are going without pictures at this point:

Here is the all important draft order
1.  Matt-#11 Jordan Swagerty Team USA Jersey
2.  scb.net-#16 Marion Barber 2011 End Zone Icons Patch
3.  hiflew-#2 Erick Dampier Dress Code Jersey
4.  Matt-#7 Kurt Angle TNA Xtreme Memorabilia(LOCKED)
5.  potch-#13 Willie Brown Saturday Signatures Auto(LOCKED)
6.  Fuji-#9 Ronnie Belliard Bowman Sterling Bat Card
7.  hackenbush-#10 Jamal Lewis Absolute 2 Color Patch
8.  CCC-#18 Jonny Ash Tristar Autograph
9.  CCC-#4 2003 Net Pro International Series Complete Set
10. Matt-#1 Oceans Twelve DVD
11.  CC#21 Monte Irvin 1954 Red Man All Stars(LOCKED)
12.  potch#6 Eddie Lebaron 2011 Obak Autograph(LOCKED)
13.  scb.net-#8 Mike Thomas 2009 Prestige Auto(LOCKED)
14.  Fuji-#19 Sammy Sosa Sweet Spot Jersey Card with Stripe(LOCKED)
15.  Morgan-#20-1938 Flower Studies Tobacco Card
16.  Fuji-#5 Charley Trippi 8x10 Autographed Inscribed with HOF 68
17.  Eric L-Jason Schmidt and Scott Rolen Coins
18.  Ryan G.-#3 Jamie Bergman Benchwarmers Autograph(LOCKED)
19.  Matt-#14 Jessica Alba Pop Cards Event Worn Memorabilia(LOCKED)
20.   CCC#17 James Casey Autograph
21.  scb.net 

Matt, please start us off by picking a #1-21 so that I may reveal prize 1. Time Limit of twelve hours is still going to be in effect!  Have fun!


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  2. Lucky #11-2008 Jordan Swaggerty UD Baseball Series 2 Junior National Team USA Jersey Blue Swatch-USJR-JS

    SCB.net is on the clock-steal or pick...

  3. Here comes seven:

    Kurt Angle 2010 TNA Extreme Xtreme Size Event Worn Memorabilia Black Shirt with some gray design. X5 024/199.

    Hiflew is on the clock: Steal or select a number...

  4. Theft maybe next pick...I'm going with Tulo's #2

  5. #2 yields Erick Dampier 2009-10 Classics Dress Code Jersey Blue Swatch 141/199 #13

    Matt is on the clock...I'm assuming you want to still steal the Angle>?

  6. Matt steals the Angle. It is now locked and belongs to him. SCB needs to make a selection to replace the Angle.

  7. #13 is Willie Brown 2011 Press Pass Legends Saturday Signatures SS-WB

    Potch is on the clock....Steal or pick....

  8. I'll steal the Willie Brown please. Thanks.

  9. Potch takes the Willie Brown! It is now locked in his possesion. SCB needs to make a replacement pick or steal the Swagerty or Dampier.

  10. #16.

    I swear if someone steals again...

  11. SCB gets #16 Marion Barber 2011 Topps End Zone Icons Cowboys Manufactured Patch EZI-98

  12. Fuji is on the clock, I have your selections above but I need to know if you want to steal!

  13. #9 it is... Ronnie Belliard 2005 Bowman Sterling Bat Card Indians BS-RBE

    Hackenbush is on the clock...pick or steal

  14. Let's go with #10 in honor of the late Ron Santo.

  15. #10 is revealed to be:

    Jamal Lewis 2006 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Prime 2 Color Patch(Black/White) TOT-70 38/50 Baltimore Ravens

    CCC is on the clock twice. For your first pick, do you wanna steal or select a number...

  16. Whats behind Door #8-

    Mike Thomas 2009 Playoff Prestige Draft Picks Autograph #179 289/299. Jaguars

    You also have the next pick. You may select another # or steal.

  17. Door number 4-

    2003 Net Pro International Complete Set #1-90 Hand Collated(Federer,Nadal,Roddick,etc)

    Matt is on the clock....Pickin or stealin?

  18. Cool, I'm a tennis player, so that will be a great prize as long as no one steals it lol

  19. #21 yields....

    Monte Irvin 1954 Red Man All Stars

  20. I'll steal the Monte Irvin, can't pass on an old Giant.

  21. Didn't think I'd have that one for very long. OK, give me #6.

  22. #6 reveals for Matt:

    2011 Obak Football Eddie Lebaron Autograph A23 45/50 US Marines/Korea/University of Pacific

    Potch is on the clock...steal or pick

  23. Alas, I simply must steal the Lebaron auto. All due apologies, if apologies are necessary.

  24. No apologies necessary. Steals are rewarded with the card you want!!! You have the Lebaron.....

    Matt you gotta pick again or steal!!!

  25. #19 is

    Sammy Sosa 2003 Sweet Spot Swatches Game Used Jersey white with blue stripe CUBS SS

    SCB.net is on the clock...pick or steal

  26. Still waiting on scb.net. If anyone has contact please shoot him a not. I would but I'm at work.

  27. Sorry, it was my birthday and I was busy. I'm gonna steal the Mike Thomas auto.

  28. Happy Belated Birthday! You got the Thomas

    CCC is back on the clock

  29. Sorry bud #21 is already gone. The following numbers remain:

  30. #18 is....

    Jonny Ash 2007 Tristar Elegance Signature Marks Autograph SM-JA

    Fuji is on the clock....Pick or steal...

  31. I'll steal the Sosa Sweet Spot jersey. Thanks!

  32. You got the Sosa!

    Matt is on the clock to replace the Sosa-pick or steal!

  33. Morgan is on the clock. Pick or steal ma'am?

  34. It shall thicken even once more. The final surprise awaits. Morgan still on the clock

  35. If anyone hasn't noticed. I have posted pics of all of the prizes that have been picked but are available to be stolen.

    3,5,12,14,15,17,20 remain to be picked

  36. I'm sorry for making you guys wait. I'll take #20.

  37. #20 is

    1938 Godfrey Tobacco Flower Studies Card #3 Lilium Speciosum

  38. Number 5 is....

    Charley Trippi Autographed B/W 8x10 inscribed with HOF68

    Eric L is on the clock...pick or steal sir.

  39. Ehhh, lets roll the dice and pick #3 (the wife helped me, so I'm hoping it's a doozy!)

  40. Sorry guys, I didn't get a notification from blogger on this one, so I just back to the thread....

    #3 is....

    Jamie Bergman 2008 Benchwarmers Autograph #51

    Ryan G is up....Pick or steal

  41. Dang, I was going to steal that Jonny Ash, but then you dangle a pretty woman in front of me.

    Did you know Jaime Bergman is married to David Boreanez (sp?), the guy on Bones, who played Angel in the Buffy series? And she's a Playboy playmate? Of course you didn't. I had to look that up.

    I'll take the Jaime Bergman!

  42. #14 is ...three words for ya

    Jessica Marie Alba Pop Cards Event worn Orange Swatch

    Matt is on the clock, pick or steal

  43. I'll take that Alba, thank you very much.

  44. LOL. You got her Matt.

    Eric, you're back on the clock lol.

    12,15,17,remain to be picked

  45. Sonnuva..... How about 15. That's gotta be something unstealable. :)

  46. #15 is .....

    2005 Jason Schmidt(Giants) Major League Baseball Superstars Coin &
    1998 Scott Rolen(Phillies) Pinnacle Mint Coin

    CCC is on the clock. Pick or steal only 12,17 Remain

  47. #17 is 2011 Topps James Casey Autograph

    SCB...Final pick...#12 or Steal???

  48. After long deliberations, since I was busy all of Halloween, I will take the last pick.

  49. #12 is....

    Freddie Mitchell UCLA Patch Card

    Still need a few addys. And also need to know each players favorite TEAM.

  50. I'm a Red Sox, Bucs, Carolina Hurrianes, and Blazers fan :)

    I think I sent you my address

  51. I'm a Team Coco guy. Wait, what? Umm, Giants, A's? LMK if you need my address! I think I sent it to you already.

  52. Well I think my avatar gives away my favorite team. Let me know if you need my address also.