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Monday, February 23, 2015

Tony L is truly Off Hiatus

It is frigid by Alabama standards but my mailbox is red hot.  Today it's sizzling courtesy of Tony L from the great Off Hiatus blog.  Check it out-Tony is helping me out with my Autograph project!

 Gobble Gobble it's Turkey(Red) Time!
 Shiny and bright!
 Garza is becoming well traveled but thankfully his auto is about to rest in my binder
 A shiny Yankee joins the fray

 A Willinghammer that I don't have!!!
 These are truly awesome!  I love the fan favorites autographs!
Many thanks to you Tony!  I will be hitting you back very soon!

On a side note-I will be making a contest announcement in my next post. You may want to stay tuned!(I know that staying away from elaborate contests was one of my goals with coming back BUT I just can't help myself)


  1. Great mail day! I for one am all over shiny things!

  2. "...BUT I just can't help myself".

    You have issues. Just accept that and everything will be ok. :)

  3. Take cover...The Plank is firing back this week.

  4. Glad you needed the Willinghammer in particular -- I thought you might need the mini Hammer!

    And, I'll be looking out for more autographs to send your way as well.