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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bonus Round is Live!!!SURPRISE!!!!

Here is another surprise for the players in my 100th blog post draft party.  The Bonus-Non Sports Round is Live!! Three of these cards also include a bonus pick in the mystery round!!

Here are your selections:

Susan B Anthony 2008 Mayo's Cut Plug

Pablo Picasso 2009 Historical Heroes

Robert Jarvik 2009 Mayo's Cut Plug

Thomas Edison 2008 Mayo's Cut Plug Mini

Glenn Becomes First Astronaut to Orbit Earth Flashbacks 2011 Topps Heritage

Duke Pao Kahanamoku 2006 Allen and Ginters

George Marshall 2007 Topps Distinguished Service

Ferris Wheel 2009 Mayo's Cut Plug Mini

Avery Jenkins 2010 Allen and Ginters

Tom Morello 2009 Rock Heroes

Here is your magical draft order-Now get to chasing those three Bonus Picks!!


  1. Since there are no mustaches available, and I'm so far down the line, I'll take whichever card Ryan G. doesn't want.

  2. Haha. Thanks, Eric.

    I'm going to go ahead and say:
    1. Picasso. I really want that card!
    2. Ferris Wheel. I really want this card too!
    3. Edison
    4. Anthony
    5. Jarvik
    6. Marshall
    7. Morello
    8. Glenn
    9. Jenkins
    10. Duke (I'm guaranteed to not get this card.)

  3. Nothing really stands out for my collection so I will take the Picasso for a future deal with Ryan.

  4. 1. Ferris Wheel
    2. Edison
    3. Avery Jenkins

  5. Hiflew scores Pablo.

    Matt takes the Duke and Bonus Pick #1

    Potch is on the clock!

  6. In the spirit of collecting women achievers for my young daughter, I must take the:

    Susan B. Anthony

    ...although Edison, then Ferris Wheel were mighty tempting.

  7. Potch takes the Susan B.

    SCB takes the Ferris Wheel and Bonus Pick #2

    CCC is on the clock!

  8. #1 choice - Edison
    #2 choice - Marshall
    #3 choice - Jarvik

  9. Time passed on CCC. Fuji takes Edison.

    Morgan is on the clock. CCC can still come in at any time.

  10. Since I will soon be working in the allied health field, I'll take the Jarvik.

  11. Morgan-You've got the Doctor.

    CCC can still come back in at any time.

    Hackenbush is on the clock.

    Ready for the wacky round?? Its gonna be some great fun.

  12. Hack takes the Spaceman.

    Eric L is up. He will take whatever card Ryan doesn't want...So do you want the Morello or Jenkins?

    Ryan G gets the Marshall.

    CCC can also take the Morello or Jenkins if he beats Eric L back to the pick.

  13. whoops... well I guess the Morello is mine.

  14. CCC has the Morello and the final bonus pick.

    Eric L has the disc golf guy

  15. I'll give Potch the Tiger. Maybe his daughter would like it if he can get the paint off of it.