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Friday, September 16, 2011

Round 7-Relic/GU Round-Let the true goodness begin

Two picks left in Round 6. We are gonna go ahead and roll into Round 7.  Now we are into the high cotton.  The Relic GU round begins-here are your selections:

Cam Ward 06-07 B.A.P. First Exposures White Swatch
Ty Conklin 05-06 UD Trilogy Honorary Swatches Dark Blue Swatch
Kurt Angle 03 Fleer Aggression Matitude Gray Ring Mat
Darius Watts 04 Finite Rookie Fabrics Blue Swatch
Rolando McClain 2011 Prestige Rookie Review Black Swatch
Gerald Wallace 2001 Sage Jersey Red Swatch 254/300
Michael Finley 00-01 Topps Reserve All Stars Blue Warm Up Swatch
Orel Hershiser 2004 Topps Grey Swatch
Barry Zito 08 UD Timeline Memorabilia Dark Green Swatch
Felix Hernandez 08 Goudey White Swatch

The All Important Draft Order...Don't forget the Bonus Pick
Hiflew is on the clock, Eric L is on deck...Enjoy the splendor-Sorry for the shiny happy scans, too much light in here tonight I guess.


  1. I'll take the one nobody else takes.

  2. 1. Felix the Cat
    2. Oral Hygiene
    3. greenBarry
    4. Gerald-atrics
    5. Ty Cobblin
    6. Mike check one two one two.

  3. I guess the randomizer liked me for my 2 favorite rounds.

    It is hard for a Rockies fan to choose between the Dodger and the Giant, but I have to take the Hershiser.

    Orel was the man...Dodgers be damned

  4. Hiflew-You got the Orel.

    Eric L is on the clock

  5. Time has passed by Eric L. Fuji is on the clock, Eric can come back in at any time.

  6. I'll take the Kurt Angle... Thanks!

  7. If the Darius Watts card is a Denver Bronco, I'll take him. If not, I'll take Felix Hernandez. Thanks!

  8. Fuji takes the Kurt Angle. Eric L comes back in to take the Watts.

    Potch is on the clock

  9. Potch scores the Hernandez...CCC is on the clock

  10. I'll take the Cam Ward.

    I'd like to trade for the Michael Finley though.

  11. One of the hockey cards is down. Let's hope the other one is still there when turn #8 comes around.

  12. Meaning, I'll take Conklin if he's still available by then.

  13. CCC, you got the cam,

    sportscardblog.net is on the clock

  14. Time has passed on sportscardblog.net.

    Ryan G has the Barry Zito by Proxy

    Matt takes the Conklin and the BONUS PICK

    Miss Morgan is on the clock(if its alright with you, I will hold your Braves and ship it all together).

    Sportscardblog.net can still come back at any time.

    I believe Finley,Wallace, and McClain are the three remaining.

  15. That is alright with me. That's going to be such a fun package!

    I'll take the Finley. CCC, I'm more than willing to trade!

  16. Man, I've been traveling. Missed out on both my hockey teams. :(

    Let's go with Gerald Wallace. I love me some Crash.

  17. Sweet! Got a hockey relic and a bonus pick!

  18. Hackenbush ends up with the Rolando McClain. Up next. The autograph round.