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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Round 8-The Autograph Round-LIVE!

The 100th Blog Post Draft Party is reaching its climax but the party is truly just starting as the best is coming.  Here are your selections for Round 8-The Autograph Round:

Jorge Campillo 2005 Just Minors Autograph Tacoma Rainiers
Alexandre Volchkov 1997 Scoreboard Autograph
Kelvin Cato 1997 Skybox Autograph Dallas Mavericks
Tony Brooks 1992 Courtside Draft Pix Autograph Notre Dame
Scott Elarton 1999 Skybox Autographics Autograph Houston Astros
Kevin Cameron 2008 UD All Rookie Team Autograph San Diego Padres
Marquis Daniels 2005-06 Sp Authentic Sensational Sigs Autograph Dallas Mavericks
Hermie Sadler 2008 Tristar TNA Cross the Line Autograph
Karl Mecklenburg 2011 Press Pass Legends Saturday Signatures "Snow Goose" Autograph
Kelly Johnson 2008 Sweet Spot Signatures Autograph 225/248 

Here is your all important draft order:


  1. 1. Kelly Johnson
    2. Scott Elarton
    3. Kevin Cameron
    4. Karl Mecklenburg

  2. This one was easy! Kelly Johnson, please.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Scratch that last one. Actually, I'll pass on both hockey and wrestling and take the Snow Goose.

  5. I've noticed that I'm matching up with the same pick in each round. Round 6, pick 6. Round 7, pick 7. Round 8, pick 8. What are the odds?

    1. Cameron
    2. Campillo
    3. Elarton
    4. Sadler
    5. Volchkov
    6. Daniels
    (the first two picks are done, so I don't need to worry about those)

  6. Morgan scores the Kelly Johnson.

    Matt takes the Snow Goose

    CCC is on the clock

  7. Whoever gets the Cato, please contact me for a trade. That would look awesome in my "Iowa State Alumni" collection. :-)

  8. I'll take the Cato, Josh D., I'll trade it for sure.

  9. CCC scores the Cato.

    Hiflew takes the Elarton by proxy

    Sportscardblog.net is on the clock

  10. SCB, you got the Cameron.

    Eric L is on the clock

  11. 1st choice - Hermie Sadler
    2nd choice - Marquis Daniels

  12. Eric L is passed. Fuji scores the Sadler.

    Ryan G takes the Campillo by proxy.

    Eric L can still come back in. Hackenbush is on the clock

  13. Time has passed Hackenbush. Its a free for all now. Eric L. Hackenbush. Potch....Cards remaining...Daniels,Brooks,Volchkov

  14. I guess the Brooks will do since I missed out on the Mecklenburg and Elarton.

  15. Done, Done, and Potch scores the Volchkov which also had the bonus pick lol.

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