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Friday, June 5, 2015

A nice suprise from Angels in Order

I've spent my last week or so battling Tony-it has been tough.  Let's take a war break and look at what Tom sent me way!

 Tom sent a very nice bundle for the autograph collection!
 Love the Bunting Auto
 A beautiful 83 Auto
 A rare pitching coach auto
 An equally rare manager auto
 Always loved the way Frank played
 A goldish duran
 Look at that Sundberg-A very nice one from the Rangers Hall of Fame Set
 Wow at this Bragan!  Just wow!
 The Jones is stunning!  A beautiful signature
 Lets end with the king of Autographs Mr. Neshek-Seems to be a great friend to all fans!
Tom!  This was a great contribution to the autograph collection!  Thank you sir!  I will hit you back in the near future.

Coming up next...War continues...It's getting bloody and the end is drawing soon with no clear winner in sight.

After Tony and I conclude this foolishness I will be sharing a packing from Waiting til Next Year that has made me completely rethink how I collect.  Thanks in advance of the post Tom!


  1. That Bobby Bragan is pretty neat! Tom's a pretty good dude.

  2. Thankfully the war is winding down so life can return to near normality. Those are some great autographs!