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Monday, June 15, 2015

Cards on Cards sends me Cards

A very belated thank you to Kerry who sent me some very nice cards recently.  Great stuff here!

 A nice selection of Tiders
 A collection of Cardinals
 Really enjoyed this gold HOF'er
 Great JT Sticker
 A neat Rice insert I hadn't seen
 A huge haul of Bravos
 Including a nice Hammer that I hadn't seen
 Hologrammy Pendleton Action
 Love the yellow parallels on the Bowman
 A great Action Shot
 Kerry came strong for the autograph project!
 I have been gifted several of these Draft Edition Autos, some are numbered like this Rice!
 A Purpley Parallel
 Beautifully Shiny
 The gem of this group was the Team USA #'d autograph and jersey dual

Thank you very much!  Cardinals will be put to the side for you!

Coming up next today is an insane haul from my Uncle Tiny----Epic!

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