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Saturday, January 11, 2014

COMC Binge yields PC Whale

I made a small splash on COMC over the holidays.  Picked up a few for my 69 set and more importantly a gem for my Willinghammer PC!

 A pile for the binder!
 Storming Norman! Al Oliver Rookie!
A couple of Leaders cards!
 Couldn't pass up Bravos Autos for less than a buck!

Been looking for a Josh Willingham whale for a while.  I've bid on some and lost but finally found this one in the wild for a fair price on COMC!
 If you have other Willingham 1/1's laying around feel free to send them my way lol.

Don't forget today is the 5PM deadline to get your submissions in for 2013 Best Blog Poll.  I will try and have the poll up tomorrow!


  1. Man I allllllmost picked up that '69 NL RBI Leaders card for you the other day on Listia. I got sniped at the last second and lost out. Phew... that was a close one!