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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A new Brave!

It's quite nice to have new readers and to start exploring their blogs.  One new player on the block is The Underdog Card Collector. He sent me some cards this week. Amongst that group was a Brave that I did not have in my anthology binder-quite a feat nowadays!  Thanks UCC! You should be receiving a small package, a larger package, and another small package from my junk very shortly. Check him out at http://theunderdogcardcollector.blogspot.com/


  1. Thanks for sharing about the new blog. I just reached out to him to welcome him back to the community.

    1. Heya, Colbey!

      I got your email, alright! Incredible, thank you.

      Check your inbox! : )

  2. Right on, you got 'em!

    As I just realized with another trade: this card looks so much better on your blog than in my collection! That's awesome (dang near amazing) I got you something new. Sweet!

    Thanks for the generous plug, Jaybarkerfan.

    I'm looking forward to getting you more Braves cards as I find them (more on the way, actually).

    I'll follow this up with an email...